Whether it's Europe, Asia or the Americas, Backpacker Insurance provides cover for every one of your journeys.

Our Backpacker Insurance is designed to cover all the important things for the long-term traveller. We provide £5 million of emergency medical expenses and cover for valuables including lost or stolen passports. We also offer many extras, such as gadget cover and the option to halve your excess, so you really can get cover to suit you.

Whilst backpacking, you'll want to experience everything that's on offer, which is why we provide cover for a wide range of activities under our standard Bronze cover. But if scuba diving and bungee jumping isn't enough, try Silver and Gold. For the more adventurous explorer, these give cover for even more activities. See the full list.

See what Backpacker Insurance has to offer below.

The benefits of Backpacker Insurance:

  • Emergency medical and repatriation up to £5,000,000
  • Cancellation and Curtailment up to £2,000
  • Cover for valuables, including personal money
  • Lost or stolen passport cover up to £250
  • Cover for trips lasting up to 18 months
  • Personal liability up to £2,000,000
  • 3 levels of activity-specific cover
  • Gadget cover available.

Backpacker Insurance includes:

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Personal accident

Should you be involved in an accident whilst abroad, we've got you covered for:

  • up to £10,000 for total disablement
  • up to £5,000 for death

Lost or stolen passport or travel documents

If you lose or have your passport stolen, we will provide up to £250 to arrange a replacement. This cover also applies for flight tickets and other travel documents. A £100 excess applies.

Personal liability

If you are personally liable to pay the costs or expenses of an accident during your holiday, we'll pay up to £2,000,000. A £100 excess applies.

Activity-specific cover

Cover during a wide range of activities, including Scuba Diving and Surfing as standard. Choose from three levels of cover Bronze, Silver and Gold to be insured for more extreme activities. See what each has to offer.

Emergency dental treatment

We'll provide £300 of cover if you require emergency dental treatment to alleviate sudden pain. A £100 excess applies.

Optional Extras

Halve your excess

Want to reduce your excesses? Lower them to just £50, a simple way of keeping your insurance costs down.

Double your medical

Worried about the cost of medical bills? Increase your medical cover from £5 million to £10 million for less than a fiver.

Insure your gadgets

Taking a smart-phone, camera or e-reader? Extend your valuables cover to one or two gadgets, up to £500 each.

Up your cancellation

Got some expensive flights planned? Double your cover to make sure you won't be hit by cancellation costs.


Sports and activity cover

Choosing the right level of activity cover is important to make sure you're properly insured whilst doing these activities. We provide cover for a wide range of activities under our standard Bronze cover, including bungee jumping and scuba diving, but if these don't quench your thirst for overseas adventure then try Silver and Gold. These provide extended cover, including cover for some forms of employment abroad - click here to see what each has to offer.

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