Ski & Winter Sports Insurance is the specialist travel insurance keeping you covered whilst out on the slopes.

Our Ski and Wintersports Insurance is designed to provide all the cover you need for your holiday on the slopes. We provide up to £10 million of emergency medical expenses and specialist cover for ski equipment, piste closure and avalanches. And don't forget, all the typical benefits you'd expect from a travel insurance policy are included too.

Ski holidays are meant to be action-packed, which is why we offer 3 levels of activity-specific cover to choose from. So whatever you've got planned - from tobogganing to off-piste excursions - we've got you covered.

See what Ski & Winter Sports Insurance has to offer below.

The benefits Ski and Winter Sports Insurance:

  • £5 million medical cover as standard
  • Personal liability up to £2 million
  • Piste closure & avalanche cover
  • 3 levels of activity-specific cover
  • Cover in Europe and worldwide
  • Available for individuals, families & couples
  • Delayed ski equipment & unused ski package
  • Cover for lost, stolen or damaged equipment (including hired)

Ski and Winter Sports Insurance includes:

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Personal accident

Should you be involved in an accident whilst abroad, we've got you covered for up to £25,000 for death or total disablement.

Lost or stolen passport or travel documents

If you lose or have your passport stolen, we will provide up to £1,500 to arrange a replacement. This cover falls under your personal belongings limit, and also applies to flight tickets and other travel documents. A £50 excess applies.

Personal liability

If you are personally liable to pay the costs or expenses of an accident during your holiday, we'll pay up to £2,000,000. A £100 excess applies.

Catastrophe cover

If, during your trip, you can no longer stay at your pre-booked and prepaid accommodation because of a catastrophe, we'll pay the necessary extra travel and accommodation expense to allow you to continue with your trip, or return to the UK if you can't continue with your plans.

Catastrophes covered:

  • hurricane
  • avalanche
  • landslide
  • flood
  • volcanic activity
  • explosion
  • earthquake
  • fire
  • lightning
  • medical epidemic
  • storm
  • tempest
  • tsunami

Keep in mind that the most we'll pay for each claim is £500 under our Gold package, and this cover does not apply to circumstances already known at the time of buying the policy or booking the trip. No excess applies.

Piste closure

If you're prevented from winter sports activities because of adverse snow conditions or avalanche for more than 48 hours, we'll pay the proportional amounts of irrecoverable charges you paid or signed a contract to pay before your holiday date, for such things as your unused:

  • Lift-pass
  • Hired equipment
  • Guide services
  • Winter sports lessons

This is up to a limit of £400, and this will also go towards the cost of transport to an alternative resort where there are suitable snow conditions, or compensation for each complete day you are unable to carry out any winter sports activities.

Avalanche cover

If your travel is delayed by over 12 hours due to an avalanche, we'll provide up to £400 towards reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses that you’ve necessarily incurred as a result.

Equipment hire and cover

If your own winter sports equipment becomes accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, we'll pay up to £1,000 towards replacing or repairing it, if this is more economical. If your hired equipment becomes accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, we'll pay the costs of the deposit or the reasonable fees or costs of repair charged by the hiring agent, up to the limit of £500.

Delayed winter sports equipment

If your winter sports equipment is delayed in reaching you on your outward journey by at least 12 hours, we'll pay up to £350 towards hiring replacement equipment until yours arrives.

Unused winter sports package

If you're prevented from using your winter sports package for more than 48 hours because of an illness or injury sustained during your holiday, we'll pay the proportional amounts of irrecoverable charges you paid or signed a contract to pay before your holiday date, up to £350. This could include the costs of your unused:

  • Lift-pass
  • Hired equipment
  • Guide services
  • Winter sports lessons

End supplier failure

If the end supplier, such as the scheduled airline, hotel or car hire company becomes insolvent before or during your trip, we'll pay up to £1,000 per person for irrecoverable sums paid in advance for alternative arrangements.

Hijack, kidnapping and mugging

If the means of transport on which any insured person is travelling is hijacked, we'll pay reasonable costs up to £3,500 to help in these circumstances. This cover also applies to the kidnapping or hospitalisation after mugging of an insured person.

Emergency dental treatment

We'll provide £300 of cover if you require emergency dental treatment to alleviate sudden pain. A £100 excess applies.

Specialist Ski Insurance for all of your activities

Ski Insurance provides specialist cover that you wouldn't receive from a standard travel insurance policy. Take for example, emergency medical cover. As the risk of injury is far higher for a winter sports policy, your cover will be too. Ski Insurance also provides cover for the kind of obstacles you may encounter on your trip, such as stolen, lost or damaged equipment, avalanches or piste closure.

Activity cover is also important when it comes to winter sports, so it's important to make sure you're insured for every activity you're going to be enjoying whilst out on the slopes. We provide cover for a wide range of activities under our standard Leisure package, but if you're a more seasoned skier then try Intermediate or Advanced. See the full list here.