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Insure against paying your voluntary AND compulsory home insurance excess.  From just £24.99 per year

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Most home insurance policies carry both a compulsory and voluntary excess, which is a fixed amount that you must pay out if you make a claim on your insurance policy.

Progressively, insurance companies have increased premiums higher than inflation rises, so it is now common for them to also impose higher excesses, which can mean when you make a claim you may end up paying a large amount towards the claim due to the excess amount on your policy.  

Instant benefits...

    Avoid having to pay expensive excess costs if you need to
    make a claim

    You could pay a lower premium with a higher excess

    A choice of levels of cover – up to £2000 

    Avoid having a large excess to pay when making a minor

    24hr claims helpline – friendly and helpful customer

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What is Home excess insurance? 

Home excess insurance pays your combined home insurance excess fees if you make a claim, so you aren’t left out of pocket. 

For example if you had a fire in your utility room and your claim was £900, with your two policy excesses adding up to a total of £300, your insurance provider will pay only £600 of the cost if your claim is successful. This leaves you to make up the balance of £300.

As weather conditions worsen with more flooding and building damage occurring due to storms and gales, many households have had the need to make a claim, which normally means you paying an excess premium. Home insurance excess protection is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your home insurance policy (main residence only so long as you are resident in the UK) in the event of you having to make a claim. Many household home insurance policies come with a mandatory excess of between £250 and £500 plus an option to increase this with a voluntary payment.

It is payable following a successful fault-based claim in relation to each settled claim up to the annual aggregate limit of your XS policy, in respect of claims arising from accidental damage, fire, theft, flood or vandalism. This home excess insurance policy covers one main residence only.

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Did you know?

If you purchase home excess insurance you could buy a home insurance policy with a high excess thus reducing the cost of your premium and saving money all round!

What does Home Excess Protection Insurance cover?

The policy covers one main residence only and covers settled claims on your main home insurance, which includes contents if covered by it. You will be paid an amount equal to the excess in relation to each settled claim on your home insurance policy up to the annual aggregate limit in respect of claims arising from:

What is included:

    Reimbursement of an amount equal to the excess in relation to each settled claim on your main insurance policy up to the annual aggregate limit.

    Unsuccessful recovery of the excess cost from a third party within six months of making a valid claim under your main insurance policy.

What is not insured:

    Any claim made within 30 days of the commencement date of this home excess insurance policy unless this insurance was taken out at the same time as your main insurance policy, or this insurance was purchased by you at the time of renewal of your previous home excess insurance policy.

    Any claim not notified to us within 31 days of settlement of your main insurance claim or a claim against a relevant third party.

    Excess payments in respect of claims refused by your main insurance policy.

    Excess payments which have been waived or reimbursed by a third party.

    Claims of a lower value than the value of excess under your main insurance policy.

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Making a claim

The claims service is designed to help you in a time of stress when you may be worried or frantic. The claim handler will deal with your claim with little fuss and get the wheels rolling to sort out your issue straight away.

The policy provides a 24-hour emergency claims service for your peace of mind and can get your tenants move to temporary accommodation arranged as soon as possible.

If you need to contact us or need to make a claim you can call the Davies Group directly on 0344 8562106, or by starting the process by clicking here or write to Financial & Legal insurance company Limited, No.1 Lakeside, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 3GW

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