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What is EXCESS insurance?

Most insurance policies carry either a compulsory or voluntary excess, which is a fixed amount that you must pay out if you make a claim on your insurance policy. Progressively, insurance companies have increased premiums higher than inflation rises, so it is now common for them to also impose higher excesses, which can mean that for relatively minor claim you may end up paying large amount towards the claim due to the excess amount on your policy.

As an example, if your claim is £900 and your policy excess is £500, your insurance provider will pay only £400 of the cost, leaving you to make up the balance of £500. This is where excess protect adds real value to you, an excess protection policy will pay you back the excess premium you have had to pay , in the example above £500.

Levels of cover

Recover your excess if you make a claim, choose your level of cover from our highly competitive rates. Covers your full policy excess (voluntary and compulsory excesses combined).

Peace of mind

Gives you peace of mind should you have to make a claim against your insurance policies, any initial excess payment is covered for reimbursment.

24hr Claims Helpline

We're here round the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you in the event of a claim.

Cover for your policies

Our policy covers different types of vehicles, home insurance excess and family multi vehicle excess.

Cars, bikes & small vans.

Recover your excess if you make a claim for fire, theft, flood, vandalism for fault or partial fault claims, or where a 3rd party is unable to recover your excess.

Home Insurance

Home insurance excess protection is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your home insurance policy in the event of you having to make a claim.

Family multi-vehicle excess

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess up to three motor vehicles that belong to your family.

Motor Excess Insurance

Motor Excess Protection is designed to protect you against the risk of incurring a motor policy excess payment or deduction in the event of a claim under your motor insurance policy.

You are covered for an amount equal to the excess in relation to each settled claim on your main personal motor vehicle insurance policy up to the annual aggregate limit of your XS policy in respect of claims arising from a motor insurance claim only.

A motor vehicle can be a private car, motorbike or light commercial vehicle which is registered at your home address, used for social and domestic purposes and commuting to your usual place of work, it must carry not more than seven passengers and not exceed 3.5 tonnes, of which you are the owner or which you are authorised to drive.

This Personal Vehicle XS policy covers one motor vehicle only and the vehicle be insured by a main insurance policy.

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your motor insurance policy following a settled claim provided for a single motor vehicle.

You are also covered where you have been unsuccessful in recovering the excess cost from a third party within six months of making a valid claim against them under your main insurance policy.

Cover benefit options available range between £250 - £2000.

Home Insurance Excess

As weather conditions worsen with more flooding and building damage occurring due to storms and gales many households have had the need to make a claim, which normally means you paying an excess premium. Home insurance excess protection is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your home insurance policy (main residence only so long as you are resident in the UK) in the event of you having to make a claim. Many household home insurance policies come with a mandatory excess of between £250 and £500 plus an option to increase this with a voluntary payment.

It is payable following a successful fault-based claim in relation to each settled claim up to the annual aggregate limit of your XS policy, in respect of claims arising from accidental damage, fire, theft, flood or vandalism. Cover benefit provided is £250 - £2000.

This home excess insurance policy covers one main residence only.

Family Multi-vehicle Excess

Where your family vehicles are insured under a multi vehicle insurance policy, this insurance will cover three vehicles that are owned by your family and will reimburse the excess relating to settled claims on your main multi vehicle insurance policy.

Policyholder or family members vehicles are covered if used for social, domestic, pleasure, commuting and personal business use.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We provide a quality, affordable alternative to buying cover with your motor insurer. You'll get the same peace of mind on the road, all for up to 40% cheaper than a typical car insurer.

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your insurance policy following a settled claim made by your insurer. The claim must exceed the value of the excess policy for you to be able to make a claim for reimbursement of the excess value. We will not reimburse you for any claim you make under your excess insurance policy within the first 30 days immediately following the start date of cover unless this insurance was taken out at the same time as your main insurance policy.

This policy will cover the named holder of the policy along with anyone else who is entitled to ride or drive the insured vehicle (and is covered under a motor insurance policy).

This policy covers you in the vehicle you're insured to drive. This includes cars, motorcycles and small vans.

Motor excess protect from Best Price FS is administered by Nice 1 Insurance and underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA) which is fully owned by the AXA Assistance Group.

How do we compare?

When it comes to buying Motor Excess Protection, it pays to shop around. But with premiums like ours, why would you go anywhere else?

The table illustrates the lowest yearly premiums available against other leading excess providers. Comparison is based on the level of annual cover, but there may be some variations in exact cover.

For affordable cover, we're leading the way.

Insurance Provider £250 Cover £500 Cover £1000 Cover
Best Price FS £24.99 £34.99 £44.99
Driver Guardian £29.00 £39.00 n/a
Goodbye XS £33.00 £38.00 £48.00
Insure4excess £35.00 £49.00 n/a