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Peace of mind from £65

24-hour claims line for emergencies

No call out charges

Labour and material costs covered

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Thousands of Homeowners chose
Home Emergency Cover. 

Just some of the benefits...

    24-hour claims line for emergencies

    No call out charges

    Both labour and material costs covered 

    Quality approved engineers

    £500 or £1000 worth of cover per year

    Alternative accommodation

    Avoid having to compromise and pick what you can afford to be covered for. We make it simple with one policy that covers you for most emergencies.

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Why is Home
Emergency cover important? 

If you experience a sudden unexpected event that is likely to cause damage to your home or make it unsafe to stay in, you will need emergency help.

Fully functioning electrics, plumbing, heating and security are fundamental basics and if something goes wrong, they will need to be repaired.

This is where home emergency cover comes in, with a 24-hour claims line in place for your tenant to call and get help. 

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What the policy covers

The breakdown or failure
of the permanent domestic
electrical wiring system and
its components supplying
electrical power to your home.

External Supply
Leakage or blockage of the
mains water supply between
the stopcock in your home and
the point where it is connected
to the public or shared water supply.

Failure of, or damage
to, the internal plumbing

Vermin infestation
Removal or extermination of
an infestation of black or brown
rats, field or house mice, and wasps’
or hornets’ nests inside the property causing a health risk to you or your family.

Failure of,
or damage
to, the internal
or external drainage system of your home.

Mechanical, electrical failure,
or malfunction of your
central heating system
resulting in the system
becoming unusable.

Mechanical, electrical failure,
or malfunction of your
central heating system
resulting in the system
becoming unusable.

Following a security incident or a
break-in, broken glazing can be
boarded up and broken locks for
windows and doors can be
repaired or replaced.

Alternative accommodation contribution of up to £250 if your home becomes uninhabitable for more than
48 hours because of an emergency
covered under the policy.

How much does Home Emergency cost? 

Buying Home Emergency cover when you have to sift through an endless list of options is frustrating. We make it easy by offering a single policy from £65. 

How it works

Fill in your details and get an online quote

Buy online in minutes

In an emergency make a call and make a claim

When your claim is validated and approved an engineer will visit your property

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Main Exclusions 

Main Exclusions

    Pipework outside the boundary of your home.

    Leaks from household appliances, sinks, baths, or showers where the leak only occurs when the item in use.

    Frozen pipes
    Frozen pipes which have not caused any damage.

    Guttering or rainwater downpipes, rainwater drains and soakaways.

    Blocked toilets that are not leaking, or overflowing, and where there is another toilet in the home.

    Repairs if your boiler is deemed beyond economical repair, has not been serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines or is more than 15 years old.

    Domestic Appliances
    In relation to electrical cover - domestic appliances or items with a plug.

    Electrical Cover
    In relation to electrical cover - swimming pools, fish tanks, ponds, burglar and smoke alarms, satellite/TV equipment, doorbells, garage doors, shower units, portable and fixed heating units, power generating systems including solar panels and wind turbines, any 3 phase electrical systems or garden areas.

    Collapsed drains.

    Gas Supply
    Any external gas supply pipe or anything piping that is the responsibility of the National Grid.

    Pest infestations outside the main house at your home (for example in garages, other outbuildings or in the garden.

    Trip or Fall
    Where an appliance has caused a circuit to fail or trip.

    Exlusion Period
    Any incident within the initial exclusion period after the start date of your policy.

    Lack of Maintenance
    Any item or system which has not been regularly maintained and/or serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations.

    Claims arising whilst or immediately after your home has been left unoccupied for 60 or more consecutive days.

    Unauthorised Work
    Any work carried out by you or any other person which was not authorised by the claims administrator in advance.

    Wear and Tear
    Any parts or item which may need to be replaced due to natural wear and tear and/or gradual deterioration.

Making a claim

The claims service is designed to help you in a time of stress when you may be worried or frantic. The claim handler will deal with your claim with little fuss and get the wheels rolling to sort out your issue straight away.

The policy provides a 24-hour emergency claims service for your peace of mind and can get your tenants move to temporary accommodation arranged as soon as possible.

If you need to contact us or need to make a claim you can call us on 0191 466 111, or write to Preferred Management Solutions Ltd (PMS), Preferred House, 4-5 Merchant Court, Monkton Business park, Hebburn, NE31 2EX.