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The 'extra mile' for investors through Best Price …

Welcome to a section of our website in which we profile … 'STAR Structured Product Providers'.

STAR Structured Product Providers stand out from their competitors, based on key points that we call 'the stellar points', that differentiate the firm, their approach and their products.

In the same way that savvy investors understand that not all active fund managers are the same, it’s also true that not all structured product providers are the same… even when the products being offered and the potential returns might appear to be similar.

Some of the ‘stellar points’ may sound simple in isolation, to some investors. But, in our opinion, these points are important hallmarks of the type of provider that we think investors should be looking for, for added confidence in the provider and their products.

Our STAR Structured Product Provider profile pages introduce each star provider and explain the additional support and services that Best Price make available to investors, with their assistance, also detailing their ‘star’ products.

STAR Structured Product Providers ‘go that extra mile’ to work with Best Price, for the benefit of investors investing through Best Price.

Best Price STAR Structured Product Providers

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There are several aspects of Tempo’s approach to structured products that are really important and that we really like – what we call ‘the Stellar Points’, that we look for in a provider in order to award them ‘STAR’ provider’ status.

Product Providers

Structured Products Investor newsletter

We are also delighted to be able to introduce a new client newsletter, the Best Price FS Structured Products Investor, with the support of Tempo.

Contributing journalists will include the highly respected Financial Times ‘adventurous investor’ columnist, David Stevenson.

The first publication also features an article written by the global head of Tempo, Chris Taylor.

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