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There are several aspects of Tempo’s approach to structured products that are really important and that we really like – what we call ‘the Stellar Points’, that we look for in a provider in order to award them ‘STAR’ provider’ status.

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Stellar Point: Operational strength

Tempo is part of Alpha Real Capital family of companies, a substantial, London-headquartered international asset management business, with £4billion+ assets under management. Most investors who use structured products rightly focus on two key risks, ‘counterparty risk' and 'stock market risk', at a product level. But we believe that the operational strength of the plan manager is a third factor that should also be considered. Tempo ticks this box.

Stellar Point: Governance – ‘doing the right things’

Governance might sound boring – it includes complying with the regulations and rules. But to our minds, good governance means doing this not just in letter but also in spirit. And we’ve never seen a provider so committed to this as Tempo. One of the fundamental things that we like about Tempo is that good governance is clearly more than just a regulatory requirement for them. Instead, Tempo obviously believes good governance is a core value and client-centric, best practice … and we share this view.

Saying this is one thing but demonstrating they mean it is key. Tempo is proactively transparent regarding its internal approach and processes, which evidence how hard the firm has worked to think through and embed best practice governance throughout its business.

Stellar Point: Championing the use of Plain English

Tempo are also the only structured product provider (and one of a surprisingly small number of investment providers per se) to be corporate members of Plain English Campaign and to have their plan brochures crystal-mark approved to be ‘jargon free’ and using language that anyone should be able to understand, by the Campaign.

This may sound really simple, but we think it’s an important commitment by Tempo … and a positive step forward for the industry.

Stellar Point: Deliberately defensive

While lots of providers do lots of defensive products, Tempo is the first provider to state that ALL of their products will be designed to be ‘Deliberately Defensive’.

Tempo define ‘deliberately defensive’ as meaning two key things:

  • ALL Tempo products are designed so that they can generate some or all of their returns without requiring the stock market to rise: and
  • ALL Tempo products are designed with a defined and significant level of protection if the stock market should fall.

Simply put, Tempo products are designed to increase the likelihood of positive returns being generated and decrease the likelihood of losing money.

To their minds, that is the basic purpose of a good investment company and the basic principle of a good investment strategy.

That makes great sense to us … and we think it will to many investors too.

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Structured Products Investor newsletter

We are also delighted to be able to introduce a new client newsletter, the Best Price FS Structured Products Investor, with the support of Tempo.

Contributing journalists will include the highly respected Financial Times ‘adventurous investor’ columnist, David Stevenson.

The first publication also features an article written by the global head of Tempo, Chris Taylor.

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