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Hartmoor Financial is part of the Target Group, which has over 35 years of experience in portfolio management for financial institutions.

Due to market conditions, Hartmoor Financial will no longer be distributing structured products to the intermediary market.

What does this mean for existing investors?

Target Servicing Limited (TSL) are responsible for servicing and administering any existing investments in line with the product terms and conditions, please be assured that TSL remain committed to this obligation for the life of the product.

If you have any queries or require any information going forward you can contact the Helpdesk on 0345 650 6225 or send an email to

We would like to thank you for support over the past year.

Fees for Non-Advised Investments

All non-advised sales carry an arrangement fee of just 0.3% of your investment. This is the cheapest percentage fee you'll find online, and all designed to help you make the most of your money. Investments carry a minimum charge of £50 for private investors, and a minimum of £100 for corporate or pension investments.

Need advice choosing your Structured Product?

If you receive advice in the purchase of your Structured Product then this will incur a setup fee, but at just 1.5% this is lower than almost every other provider. Purchasing this way will ensure that you receive help and direction in choosing your plan, making it a good option for investors who are new to Structured Products. Advised investments carry a minimum charge of £300

About Hartmoor Financial

Hartmoor Financial is a trading name of Target Servicing Limited, both of which are part of the Target Group. With offices across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, their Structured Products are available to both private and corporate investors. Hartmoor Financial is responsible for the design of the plans you'll find on our website, and they work to ensure each plan is designed to meet specific investor needs. It's also their responsibility to select the Counterparty and Deposit Taker who will provide the securities to the plan.

If investors decide to invest in any of our Hartmoor plans available, their investment will be managed and administered by Target Servicing Limited. This means that any correspondence the investor receives will come from them, and they will be the main point of contact for any queries in relation to the plan. They will be responsible for communicating with the investor after point of sale and providing custody and administration services.

Understanding Risk

It's important to understand the risks of Structured Products before going ahead with any investment. Structured Deposit Plans are deposit-based and will usually benefit from the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

However, with a capital-at-risk product like a Structured Investment Plan, the return of your capital is dependent upon the financial company you've invested that money with staying in business. This is known as 'counterparty risk', counterparty referring to the financial institution holding your money. If this company were to become insolvent during your investment and so unable to repay its liabilities, part or all of your capital may be lost. It is therefore vital for all investors to observe the terms and conditions of each plan before going forward.

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You may have seen that attractive structured deposit Kick Out rates have increased by 25% to 5% for every year held with Investec’s FTSE 100 Kick-Out Deposit Plan 76 in the most recent issue. The term of the product is 6 years.

STRUCTURED PRODUCTS are “Contract Based” investment solutions which mean that the investment parameters are defined at outset and are generally linked to an investment index – where the return results are correspondingly dependent on the results of the underlying investment index. Generally, the greater the “contract return” the greater the risk taken with the capital and potentially the income derived from the Structured Product.

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