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A range of structured products from a highly focused investment plans provider in the UK. If you buy a structured product from Augere through ourselves, you can take advantage of an incredible 0.5% arrangement fee, guaranteeing you more for your money! Purchase a Structured Product from Augere and get the UK’s lowest arrangement fee!

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*A minimum fee of £75 applies for all private investments.

A minimum fee of £300 applies for ISAs, ISA transfers and Direct cash investments.

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Augere focuses on providing investment solutions for the IFA, intermediary and institutional marketplace. By combining our market knowledge with an international investment bank and an award winning service provider, we provide investors with unique access to innovative products and unrivalled service.

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Fees for Non-Advised Investments

All non-advised sales carry an arrangement fee of just 0.5% of your investment. This is the cheapest percentage fee you'll find online, and all designed to help you make the most of your money. Investments carry a minimum charge of £75 for private investors, and a minimum of £100 for corporate or pension investments.

Need advice choosing your Structured Product?

If you receive advice in the purchase of your Structured Product then this will incur a setup fee, but at just 1.5% this is lower than almost every other provider. Purchasing this way will ensure that you receive help and direction in choosing your plan, making it a good option for investors who are new to Structured Products. Advised investments carry a minimum charge of £300

About Augere Financial Limited

Augere Financial Limited is pleased to announce the formation of the new Augere brand in the UK structured products market. Led by Zane Tibble, who has 20 years’ experience of this industry, latterly running the Focus brand, with the same team who will be operating Augere.

Augere has partnered with Reyker Securities plc group, an award winning custodian and administrator. Augere will be an Appointed Representative of Reyker. Reyker are experienced in this market and will provide Augere with client money, trade and settlement facilities through its LSE membership.

Augere and Reyker are based in Moorgate, in the heart of the City of London, and can facilitate any type of structured product solution for advised retail clients, as well as bespoke offerings for Independent Financial Advisers and platforms, together with cost effective offerings for the institutional market.

Understanding Risk

It's important to understand the risks of Structured Products before going ahead with any investment. Structured Deposit Plans are deposit-based and will usually benefit from the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

However, with a capital-at-risk product like a Structured Investment Plan, the return of your capital is dependent upon the financial company you've invested that money with staying in business. This is known as 'counterparty risk', counterparty referring to the financial institution holding your money. If this company were to become insolvent during your investment and so unable to repay its liabilities, part or all of your capital may be lost. It is therefore vital for all investors to observe the terms and conditions of each plan before going forward.

Structured Products Investor newsletter

We are also delighted to be able to introduce a new client newsletter, the Best Price FS Structured Products Investor, with the support of Tempo.

Contributing journalists will include the highly respected Financial Times ‘adventurous investor’ columnist, David Stevenson.

The first publication also features an article written by the global head of Tempo, Chris Taylor.

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