Structured Products from Focus Structured Solutions

A change for Focus

No doubt you will have noticed that Focus have yet to issue any new products this year. This is due to a change of direction by Credit Suisse regarding their distribution strategy, the result of which means that with immediate effect Focus will no longer be offering new products under the Focus brand. They confirm however that this change will not affect any existing Focus Plans and those clients or advisers wishing to obtain details of existing Plans can still do so via the focus website, or by contacting Focus on 020 7904 1010.

Whilst Focus will no longer be offering Credit Suisse products under the Focus banner these continue to be available via Meteor, and for those advisers wanting further information please contact your normal Meteor Business Development Manager or see our website

Focus Structured Solutions is an arm of Meteor Asset Management, who provide a range of Structured Investment plans to investors in the UK. They're committed to providing transparency throughout the term of all of their plans, from product literature to client contact.

About Focus

Meteor Asset Management acts as plan manager for all plans under the Focus Structured Solutions brand. Their appointed representative is Racing Green Investment Services Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Register number 604755.

Racing Green's specialist Focus Structured Solutions team has many years combined experience in financial services. They work closely with Credit Suisse's Equity Derivatives team on the Focus Structured Solutions range in order to deliver logical and actionable investment strategies with varying levels of risk and reward.

The plan range from Focus Structured Solutions has been developed to deliver both relevant and timely investment solutions, with Credit Suisse as the counterparty to all investments.

Understanding Risk

It's important to understand the risks of Structured Products before going ahead with any investment. Structured Deposit Plans are deposit-based and will usually benefit from the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

However, with a capital-at-risk product like a Structured Investment Plan, the return of your capital is dependent upon the financial company you've invested that money with staying in business. This is known as 'counterparty risk', counterparty referring to the financial institution holding your money. If this company were to become insolvent during your investment and so unable to repay its liabilities, part or all of your capital may be lost. It is therefore vital for all investors to observe the terms and conditions of each plan before going forward.

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